What to do when your Silicone Pastry Mat arrives..

Learn how to best utilize your KPKitchen silicone pastry mat with our instructions below!

Congratulations on upgrading your baking game! 

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You're going to love your Silicone Pastry Mat!

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Before you get started, watch this short video showing how to use your silicone pastry mat and also the silicone feet for best results!

How To Take Care of Your KPKitchen Silicone Pastry Mat

Please follow these tips to keep your new silicone pastry mat in the best condition so it can work as intended for as long as possible.

  • Before using your silicone pastry mat the first time, put it in the dishwasher or wash with warm water, a soap and a sponge and pat or air dry.
  • Keep away from direct flame since this silicone pastry mat is not intented to go into the oven - but the silicone is still ghat resistant up to 450° F  
  • Do not use as a cutting surface since sharp objects will cut the mat. Only something like plastic dough scrapers are advisable (but they also need to be used with care)
  • Store flat or rolled up (folded is also an option but you have to be careful of not folding it too tightly - this might damage the mat)

    3 Most Asked Questions

    1. Can you roll out dough without using flour?

      • Yes, depending on the type of dough you have, it should be possible to roll out your dough without using flour, that's how non-stick the mat is (if not, a little bit flour always helps ;))

      2. Does this mat have the same fibers in it that a baking mat has, Is it safe for high temperatures?

      • No, this silicone pastry mat does not have the same fibers in it as the other baking mats, this one is not suited for high temperatures or ovens. It is intended to be used for rolling dough etc. on your counter space. 

      3. If I roll the pastry mat up to store it does it lay flat again once unrolled?

      • There is no problem with the silicone pastry mat lying flat after being rolled up in storage. You can even bend or squeeze as you want.


      Easy Recipes to Make with your Silicone Pastry Mat

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