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Excellent set of silicone mats!

The mats are very easy to clean. Food slides right off or easily wipes off. I like having a mat sized for most of my pans. Great price, too.


A great set!

This has been my favorite set so far...I love that this set includes the round and square shapes as well as the standard ones. They work and clean up as expected. This appears to be a great value and a really nice set.

T. Candace Lillis

The BEST silicone baking sheets!

These silicone baking sheets are THE BEST! The food does not stick at all! Makes for very easy clean up. They are great quality. Highly recommend these.

Jason Bailey

Before anything, why not join the KPKitchen Baking Is My Therapy community on Facebook, this is a community for all the women who would like to share & connect with others who just love baking for how it makes them feel. Click here to request to join!

We created KPKitchen in 2015 with the goal to help others fall in love with baking again because the creativeness that comes from your kitchen helps make a bad day good and a good day better. Our products are here to make your baking time easier & more fun, so baking can be again what it really is - a form of self-expression and an ultimate stress-reliever!

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