Delicious Apple Pie Cookies Recipe

These apple cookies are just heavenly!

Slightly crispy on the outside and fluffy, buttery and soft on the inside.

Almost like small cakes in the form of biscuits.

Before we jump into our delicious apple pie cookies recipe I want to tell you briefly about our baking sheet & cooling rack set that have changed my cookie baking life (literally, can't make cookies without them anymore).

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This set will help you making your apple pie cookies perfect! You can place them on the baking sheet to put in the oven and after that, you can place your cookies on the cooling rack to cool them down. 

Apple Pie Cookies


Now let's get to the recipe... 



For best results, use our KPKitchen Baking Sheet & Cooling Rack Set.

WHERE CAN I BUY the KPKitchen Baking Sheet & Cooling Rack Set? WHAT IS THE PRICE OF the KPKitchen Baking Sheet & Cooling Rack Set?

KPKitchen Baking Sheet & Cooling Rack Set


  • Hi Ken, thank you, we hope you like this recipe! Thanks for the hint with the print, we are working on it and hope that there will be a solution for it soon!

  • Like how you have included all the weights for measuring
    Wish you could print without pictures and smaller fonts


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