9 Things to Make With Your Batter Dispenser

The KPKitchen Pancake Batter Dispenser was made with pancakes in mind, but that’s not all it can do. However, there are a lot of other creative uses to make the most out of this practical kitchen tool.

KPKitchen Pancake Batter Dispenser
Our batter dispenser was designed to be easy to use, easy to clean and to make perfect pancakes every time and it’s quickly become a household staple, especially as we’re gearing up for hosting parties and the holidays. Over the years, we & our customers have discovered plenty of other ways to use it beyond just the standard pancake. Here are 9 ways to use your batter dispenser


Okay, so this is a pretty typical use case, but there are literally countless topping and variety options. Be creative, add some blueberries or some chocolate chips. Or use our favorite original pancake recipe if you want the fluffiest pancakes ever. 



Using a ladle to fill a waffle iron can also be quite messy. Use the batter dispenser to keep things clean. Total control is provided by the shut-off valve, which also stops any additional drips from happening. That way you will make waffles without making any mess.


Cupcake & Muffins

Are you baking a ton of mini cupcakes or muffins for a party? You will be filling your cupcake pans as quick as a pastry chef. And since the pour spout on the bottom has the closer piece you don’t lose half your batter to the pan. Most of your batter will actually make it into the cupcake tins. 


The batter dispenser makes it possible for homemade crêpes to be made precisely with each squeeze. The exact measurements on the side will help you to make every crêpe come out delicate and thin, as they should.


Funnel Cake

This traditional festival food doesn't need to be only enjoyed once a year. Try making it at home and replacing the funnel with a Batter Dispenser. It will keep your kitchen tidy and provide you with the same spirally goodness as a funnel.


Filling Sauce Cups

If you own a restaurant or you need need at home something to help portion sauce into 2oz sauce cups, the batter dispenser will work fantastic.

Egg Cups

Start dispensing after whisking milk and eggs together. Egg cups are excellent for preparing breakfast for the following week because there are countless filling options. Peppers, broccoli, spinach, herbs, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives are a few things we've tried and loved. Check out this fantastic egg muffins in a ham basket recipe.


Glazing Desserts

Are you looking for the perfect glaze drizzle to top off a cake or donuts? Use the batter dispenser for a simple flourish.  

Fat Seperator

You can use it for BBQ. Pour in your pan drippings and all the fat raises to the top, then you can pour the au jus off the bottom to make gravy or to dip your sandwich.


  • Best for any waffle maker, pancakes, cupcakes, etc. Love this because it is not messy!!!

    Kanoe Kaneakua
  • I’m glad to see that the spatter dispenser has been upgraded. I bought six of them for Christmas gifts several years ago and all of them broke because it did not have the metal piece along the handle. I’m anxious to try this new one.

    Laura Foster
  • Excited to try this

  • I can’t wIt to try this.

  • This is plain genius! Can’t wait to try all those ideas!

    Brigitte Couture

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