The Easiest Egg Muffins In A Ham Basket Recipe

Today there is a recipe that is not sweet. This is for everyone who likes it savory. Not only do these egg muffins look great, they're easy to make and perfect for breakfast, a take-out lunch or just as a snack.

This 7-ingredient egg muffin recipe is gluten-free and super easy to make! They taste just fantastic because of the ham. You will love your new breakfast!

Before we jump into my favorite 7-ingredient egg muffin recipe I want to tell you briefly about our silicone muffin pan, because you need them to make this recipe work.

Silicone Muffin Pans:  9 Reasons why you need them 

  1. Silicone is resistant to extreme temperatures. For this reason, silicone muffin pans can be used both in the oven and in the freezer (e.g. to make ice cream cakes).
  2. Silicone muffin pans can withstand enormous temperature fluctuations
  3. Whether from the oven directly into the cooler or vice versa, the silicone baking mold easily withstands a quick temperature difference.
  4. Silicone is dishwasher safe.
  5. Silicone muffin pans can be easily and hygienically cleaned in the dishwasher.
  6. Silicone muffin pans are microwave safe.
  7. Silicone muffin pans are inherently non-stick.
  8. Silicone is extremely space-saving. 
  9. Silicone bakeware is extremely durable.

Now, let’s get to the recipe…


You can also enjoy your egg muffins as a lunch at work, because they are perfect on the go and for your kids as a snack at school. They are also healthy, what makes them even better!

If you try this recipe, be sure to let me know how it turned out by leaving a comment below.

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