The 11 Essential Tools You Need to Make Perfect Pancakes

As a baking tool company, we've made a LOT of different kinds of pancakes. And we're happy to recommend the tools we use for pancake-making success to fellow home bakers. This list is a great place to start if you’re a beginner, are creating a registry, or are shopping for a gift for the pancake lover in your life.

KPKitchen Best Pancake Tools


We just loved baking pancakes with our mom every Sunday. Although this time together brought us joy, the inconsistent pancake shapes and mess everywhere created by a traditional batter spatula were frustrating to clean up after.

With all of this practice (including recipe fails!), we’ve learned which pancake baking tools are the BEST in our home kitchen. 

We discovered that we could reinvent what it means to cook pancakes in your own kitchen without any mess when we came up with an invention for perfect-sized pancakes each time (see product number 1)!

From there, we went on to create even more products to help every pancake making session be as fun and mess-free as possible. Here are 11 essential pancake-making tools any pancake lover needs. (some products are our own products we sell and some are from other brands we recommend) 

1. KPKitchen Pancake Batter Dispenser

Our most popular pancake tool, which will completely change the way you make pancakes, is our pancake batter dispenser. This little gadget will save you so much time and effort.

Simply pour your pancake batter into the dispenser and then squeeze it onto your hot griddle or frying pan. This pancake dispenser is great for making perfect pancakes every time! And the best part is that you will make absolutely no mess.

WHERE CAN I BUY KPKitchen Pancake Batter Dispenser? WHAT IS THE PRICE OF KPKitchen Pancake Batter Dispenser?

2. KPKitchen Liquid Measuring Cups

Measuring precisely is very important for your pancake batter. That's why our liquid measuring cups have measurements not only on the side, but also at the special angled surface on the inside. That way you don‘t have to bend or squat down to look at the side measurments anymore. Just look down straight to the cup while pouring to see the exact amount.

Our liquid measuring cup set contains all the sizes you will ever need for measuring liquids for your pancakes. It includes 4 different cups with the sizes ranging from 4-Cup, 2-Cup, 1-Cup & a mini 2oz small measuring cup. That way you will have the perfect sized cup for every recipe you need. Plus all measurement markings are in cups and milliliters.

WHERE CAN I BUY KPKitchen Liquid Measuring Cups? WHAT IS THE PRICE OF KPKitchen Liquid Measuring Cups?


3. Electric Griddle

This griddle has a large surface to make the maximum amount of pancakes, heats evenly, is nonstick and doesn’t take much room to store. This makes cooking pancakes for a family of five quick and easy.



4. KPKitchen Dry Measuring Cups & Spoons

Our measuring cups & spoons set contains all sizes every kitchen needs and measurements are stamped right into the metal so they will never wear off. Each mesururing cup also has outside markings for a smaller measurement size that is visible on the inside. 

The measuring cups and spoons are all made out of one piece of metal so the handles will never bend or break off. They are made out of the highest quality & heavy duty 18/8 (304) stainless steel so they‘re super easy to clean - just put them into the dishwasher.

WHERE CAN I BUY KPKitchen Measuring Cups & Spoons Set? WHAT IS THE PRICE OF KPKitchen Measuring Cups & Spoons Set?


5. Pancake Flipper

This pancake flipper has a thin, flexible edges that glide easily beneath all foods and are perfect for flipping fragile foods while keeping them intact. The pancake flipper is generous in size and easily flips any pancakes.


6. Pancake Pan

One of the pancake mistakes you might be making is not using the correct pan. This pancake pan is large enough to accommodate one or two pancakes at a time—perfect for breakfast in bed!


7. Mixing Bowls

These pancake-approved mixing bowls feature hardwearing stainless steel interiors and nonslip bases. (Translation: You can totally take your energy out on whisking.) 


8. Whisk

In your pursuit of the perfect pancake, an easy mistake is to overmix your batter. Instead of mixing it up into a thick formula, use a whisk to lightly aerate the batter and avoid density. We like the comfortable grip on this whisk’s handle.


9. Pancake Emoji Pan for Kids

Just when your kids are growing tired of giant, thick pancakes, surprise them with tiny silver dollar emoji ones with the help of this specially-designed pan. It makes it easy to create perfectly proportioned, bite-sized pancakes, and doesn’t stick. Make your kid smile at breakfast, lunch, or dinner by serving cute and fun emoji faced pancakes.



10. Syrup Dispenser

Sure, you could garnish your pancakes with syrup straight out of the bottle—or you could use this syrup dispenser and save yourself a lot of mess. It’s designed for an easier syrup-pouring experience, and looks cute on your breakfast table.


11. Pancake Warmer

This pancake warmer is a tool you didn’t know you needed—until right now. When you’re making a big batch of pancakes, the first few often chill while the rest cook. But just place them in this perforated stoneware dish to keep them warm without getting soggy.




And here is our favorite pancake recipe which you can try out with those new tools!

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