Juicy Lemon Cake Recipe

Discover our favorite recipe for the perfect lemon cake and follow our special insider tip to make it really juicy. It’s very quick to make and tastes very refreshing. Especially now that the temperatures are getting warmer, this cake is just perfect.

Personally, I like making the cake because you really don't need many ingredients and it's very quick to prepare, especially when you're short on time. (Prep time of about 15 minutes)

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Now let's get to the recipe... 


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  • Hi Norm! I’ve used our baking sheet to put the loaf pan on it and afterward I’ve used our cooling rack to put the cake on it. Unfortunately, we (KPKitchen) haven’t yet our own loaf pan (9 × 5 × 3 inches), but yes, I’ve baked the cake in a loaf pan! And yes, please put some parchment paper in your loaf pan, but typically you don’t have to grease the parchment again – it should also work. Have fun baking! :)

  • A couple of questions; Under “baking tools used” you list an aluminum baking sheet and Silpat (or equivalent. Yet you baked the cake in a loaf pan? What size loaf pan? was the aluminum baking sheet just an editing error? I typically use a piece of parchment cut to fit in the bottom of the loaf pan. I would grease the loaf pan; insert the parchment; grease the parchment.

    Norm Bok

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