Apple Pie - Baking Challenge Recipe #4

It's Aesthetic Week!

  1. Bake the challenge recipe
  2. Take the most aesthetic photo. Even if all the photos in this group have been wonderful so far, you can be extra creative here
  3. Post it and share what you love about this challenge! 

This classic and easy to make Apple Pie recipe is delicious, quick, and can be a great dish to bake with the kids on a cozy Sunday morning.

Apple Pie


To make the Apple Pie even better and easier I want to tell you briefly about our KPKitchen Silicone Pastry Mat that makes rolling out dough and making pie finally really easy and changed the lives of so many of our customers (literally, you will never go back to using something else for rolling dough again). 


Apple Pie

Product Spotlight of the Week: KPKitchen Silicone Pastry Mat

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The various markings of measurements in the form of circles (8'' & 10'' perfect for the apple pie), inches, temperature conversation, centimeters & measurement conversion helps reducing the use of a calculator to convert in your recipe. No more eyeballing it, guessing, or making your phone messy!

Our KPKitchen Silicone Pastry Mat is perfect for rolling out any dough because thanks to its anti-slip material, it will stay in place and stick to the surface. It does not slip, slide or move around. It just sticks like it‘s glued down, but lifts easily for removal or repositioning so you can concentrate on rolling out the perfect dough.

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KPKitchen Silicone Pastry Mat


 Now, let’s get to the baking challenge recipe…


KPKitchen Measuring Cups


Apple Pie



Download your shopping list for the ingredients! 
Ingredient Shopping List Apple Pie

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  • Looking forward to pie this week one of my favorite things to make. So excited to see all the pies!


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